On Dec 1st, the Lady Eagles beat the Mammoth Huskys 28-21. Senior Mia Quezada lead the Eagles with 21 points. Senior Madi Harms had 3 pts, Senior Charley McDivitt had 2 pts and freshman Allison Villa had 2 pts.


In a December 5th, the Lady Eagles beat Bishop Broncos 24-22 on their home turf. Mia was high scorer with 20 pts,3 steals, 4 def. Rebounds, and 1 offensive rebound. Senior Charley McDivitt scored 4 pts, 3 offensive rebounds, and 1 steal. Sophomore Yesenia Alegre had 3 defensive rebounds, 2 steals. Freshmen Allison Villa and Milinae Castro both had 3 steals. Coach Howe said that Senior Mia dominated the floor both offensively and defensively. She worked very hard to keep the Lady Eagles in the game with hitting a 3 pt shot with 30 seconds left.