Good morning everyone 

Here is a rundown of last nights game against the Mammoth Huskies .

The team came ready and disciplined to play on Mammoth‘s home field advantage.


We knew this was gonna be a hard game, and the boys were prepped and ready after a win last week and a couple of great practices. The team was looking sharp. 


After the first whistle, the team was trying to find its footing with good touches and passing  on the fast turf  on Whitmore field.


Unfortunately, Mammoth put away an early goal but the team kept their composure and came back strong and Iker Gonzalez#10 scored a brilliant free kick just before the halftime whistle. 


With a formation adjustment and knowing what we needed to work on in the second half the team came out calm, cool and collected.

It was just a matter of time before we put another one in the back of the net and then another and another before the final whistle. 

We dominated the entire second half of the game on their end of the field with the boys, passing well, communicating well and playing a strong game.


Final score 4-1 


Iker Gonzales#10(junior) with the hat trick(3 goals)

A brilliant cross by Armando Santana#13(sophmore) to Hector Ramirez#19(junior) with the header into the back of the Huskies net.


Our defense was an absolutely solid wall after the early Mammoth goal and mid field found their footing and dominated possession all the way until the final whistle. 


We play at Rosamond tomorrow night


Until Friday,

Coach Dustin